Edge of the Islands: Part One

Even though still early in the morning the wind was strong and high, the day was already showing itself to be good drying weather. Hanging out the washing each damp item of clothing felt icy between my hands, pushing my arms down inside knotted sleeves the chill was painful against my bare skin. The temperatureContinue reading “Edge of the Islands: Part One”

Paving the runway

  High in the air, Elizabeth at three days old was wrapped tightly within my arms. Her eyes had not opened to the world for some time as the continuous hum of the small aircraft was keeping her asleep. My body was battle weary and the coolness of the window brought some relief as myContinue reading “Paving the runway”

Moving to the Hebrides

Opening the back door for the Cat to venture out, I stood breathing in the stillness of the morning air as the grass heavy with a thick spreading of dew slept on.  A beautiful but deceiving morning, perfect midgey weather. Usually the horrible little things don’t bother me. I get bitten here and there butContinue reading “Moving to the Hebrides”


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Island Wife Hebrides

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