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Patreon offers an exclusive taste of what it’s like to view the Hebrides through my eyes, ears and heart. Maybe you’re a long standing Island Wife Hebrides reader or maybe you have always dreamt of living on a remote island and you’ve just stumbled across my story through the power of google search. Whichever it is, come on in as I open the door on island life and warmly invite you inside. Patreon allows you to support ‘Island Wife Hebrides’ in a unique and meaningful way. For as little as £2 a month you can support me in writing short stories and producing insightful videos of what it’s like to live on a Hebridean island. Most importantly your monthly contribution will enable me to keep writing and sharing my stories. By supporting the Island Wife Hebrides Patreon you can be part of an exclusive online community with exclusive behind the scenes access to new content that isn’t published elsewhere. You can expect weekly updates, pictures, in depth videos, island drive around’s, live chats, read aloud’s, artwork and so much more. Starting at £2 per month its a small sponsorship that packs a mighty creative punch and I’d love to have you there! Faithfully from the Hebrides, Lucy x

“So often the edges of my mind have frayed and blown in the wind like washing on a line. Tattered and worn down like the coastal rock on which the Hebrides encircles its boundaries with. ‘We are not so different you and I’ she sings ‘Our edges are the same’”

Island Wife Hebrides