To any penguins stuck in a sauna

One of the problems with experiencing the Outer Hebrides is for the rest of your life trying to describe the place to anyone who hasn’t seen it. If you were to take yourself and stand upon a point looking out across the Atlantic and see nothing – then you would be right – the HebridesContinue reading “To any penguins stuck in a sauna”

To deep breaths, and those who take them

One of my first initial thoughts after moving to Harris was my amazement at the sheer number of sheep here. Add that to the fact that lambing season is yet to begin and you’ve got quite a community. In fact the number of sheep here far outweighs the number of people in the Outer Hebrides.Continue reading “To deep breaths, and those who take them”

To kind strangers, wherever they may roam

Moving anywhere is stressful, but add children into the mix and the calmest of minds can transcend into utter turmoil. For some discovering new places and people is something to relish and desire, for others, it is an overwhelming process that the mind dwells and dwells upon. I am the latter. Now to those whoContinue reading “To kind strangers, wherever they may roam”

Hills of Home: Moving to the Outer Hebrides

A year ago I hadn’t even heard of the Outer Hebrides let alone been here. In fact I hadnt actually been to the Outer Hebrides until I set foot off the ferry last Friday – to move here. It was however, around this time last year whilst watching Katie Morag on Cbeebies and feeding BeaContinue reading “Hills of Home: Moving to the Outer Hebrides”