Head, hands and heart.

People say to me, quite frequently ‘You’ve got your hands full!’ and I think its such an odd phrase? Hand’s full. Don’t you? ‘Don’t do that you’ve already got your hands full’ or ‘Goodness you’re going to have your hands full!’ I understand their thought but their words are slightly off centre. I have no […]

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To all our greatest adventures.

Just after Noah was born whilst still on mainland and Chris was at work I would venture out to the local supermarket. This was always a overwhelming task for me and once as I navigated the isle bound with shopping and double pram I was caught off guard. Someone simply asked me my name – […]

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To those who walk behind us.

Like the Harris hills that quietly stand and let the wind pass over them, there have been books in my life that have stood humbly on my bookshelf and quietly changed who I am. I find great solace and comfort in words written solidly on a page, I always have done. There’s something very definite […]

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