Hills of Home: Moving to the Outer Hebrides

A year ago I hadn’t even heard of the Outer Hebrides let alone been here. In fact I hadnt actually been to the Outer Hebrides until I set foot off the ferry last Friday – to move here. It was however, around this time last year whilst watching Katie Morag on Cbeebies and feeding Bea her dinner that Chris mentioned he had lived and worked on the islands where it was filmed. Bea was nine months old and I was only a few weeks pregnant with our son Noah. We talked about how beautiful it looked, but it was quickly forgotten, although we have watched Katie Morag ever since.

Our first glimpse of Harris
Grandad Martin and Bea


Driving off the ferry and seeing Harris for the first time

Four days after Noah was born in September we were very lucky to be given the opportunity to come and live in the Outer Hebrides. It wasn’t planned. We certainly hadn’t been looking or even thinking about moving let alone relocating! I’m not a particularly adventurous person, in fact I’m self acclaimed to be pretty uninterestingly boring – chris has worked in various parts of the world – I have rarely left my own back garden. But I’m happiest this way so each to their own I say! It did however mean that when I told chris to take the job without hesitation he looked rather startled, as did the majority of people when we told them where we were going! Moving up from Lancashire, with a relatively newborn baby and a toddler, to a place I had never been before! Well in writing it does sound pretty far out there, but if you read reviews on the place and google images after 10 minutes wouldn’t you be mad not too?


Luskentrye beach
Daddy and Noah wrapping up for a walk

20180106_150015 (2)

Now don’t get me wrong! This is the biggest step I’ve ever made in my life. We have no family here, I hadn’t seen the house to which we were going to live in, I don’t know anyone yet, but I do have my husband. A man in who’s hands I would place my life and in whom I have the upmost faith to make the best decisions.IMG-20180109-WA0029IMG-20180109-WA0024

Enjoying lunch at the hotel

So, in all, our move has been very simple, we packed the house up, sold a lot of things and moved here. Chris has arrived back greeted by old friends but its a wonderful fresh start also.
We don’t move into our house for another few weeks yet, so we are currently snuggled up into one of the Holiday cottages here at Hotel Hebrides looking out over Tarbert and the water. My favourite thing to do is watch the ferry smoothly roll into port and watch the car lights drive off and disappear over into the hills of Harris and Lewis. The hills we shall now call home.

Watching the ferry come in
Sunset over the Harris hills

Lucy X


13 thoughts on “Hills of Home: Moving to the Outer Hebrides

  1. Hi Lucy. I heard about your blog from a Facebook group and am loving hearing your story! I am also from Lancashire and will be visiting Lewis and Harris for the first time this summer with my 3 girls. 😀

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      1. Hi ladies I’m a Sheffield girl selling up and wanting to move to Lewis I’m on my own my sons are grown up so it’s a massive relocate how are u still liking it and any helpful tips to give me keeley


  2. Hello from another former Lancashire lass, now living up on Lewis. I’ve been here ten years now, and I was only supposed to stay for a year! Rachel

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  3. I am loving your blog and I have already decided I am moving to Harris! lol…I am visiting this year in April for the first time (although my husband has cycled to it (via ferry of course) and around it :O) and the pictures he brought back were just a dream to me. It’s a life I really can see for myself one day. I just need my two grown boys to move out first! ha. All the best moving into your new home and the new wonderful life you are creating for your family. I can’t imagine a nicer place on earth to bring up your little ones X

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  4. Hello from another Lancashire lass, Originally from Southport moved to Penrith in Cumbria many moons ago, we have have been visiting Harris & Lewis for the the last three years staying nr Tarbert we love the beaches and the locals are very friendly, I love reading your stories and follow you on Instagram Keep up the good work , Joy x


  5. Hi, I am thinking of moving here in a couple of months. Looks fab, main info I would appreciate is how to find rental accommodation? Thanks in advance.


  6. Hey, I am currently learning Gaelic and wanted to move to an area near Stornoway in the future, but there don’t seem to be many rental properties online for under 600 a month. Are all properties quite expensive in the Hebrides? Many thanks!

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    1. Hi, thank you for your question. Finding property anywhere in the Hebrides is a challenge. From my limited experience, depending on what you want, £600 is pretty standard. Hope that helps in some way. Lucy – Island wife


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